Get to know us!

The core mission of Negative0 is to provide tools and services to enable individuals, businesses, amateur organisations and non-profits of all sizes to effectively collect, organize and share data and information. Wow, what a mouthful! In simpler terms, we are an information management company and we want to give the opportunity for any and all who wish to host a website, project or service the means to do so..

Negative0 boasts over a decade of experience in the industry having started as a free Webhost in the early 2000's. Having the luxury of being based in Canada, we pride ourselves as a company which is able to operate under a privacy focused environment, allowing us to guarantee a monitoring free service to our clients.

Our list of services

Peace of Mind

Negative0 infrastructure is monitored using a combination of NOC monitoring, on-call expertise, and automated policy based failover support. Negative0 is often able to detect abnormalities in traffic and resolve potential issues before they are end user impacting.

Customer Service

Negative0 is on call for all your support needs. With experienced technicians manning our ticketing system, e-mail inboxes, and phone lines we are ready to assist with issues of all sizes, origins, and topics.


Not sure where to start? What do you even do with a VPS? At Negative0 we have a range of step by step tutorials to get you moving. Our videos, documents, and tutorials will give you all the information you need to run your VPS quickly and simply with the services and applications you want! Can't find the tutorial you want? Request it here!

Bundled Domains

Because an IP address is not always enough. Negative0 offers all clients free subdomain or a free .com, .net, org TLD with 6 month subscriptions, name servers included! Domain privacy available upon request.

Custom Packages

Our pre-made packages not quite right? Not to worry as we excel at custom building VPS to your exact requirements. Pick one of the packages and add/remove resources or build a plan from scratch using the Architect or by contacting us. You are never locked into a commitment rate so change resources as needed throughout the month to find the perfect balance.

Automated Installs

Sometimes you just want to do one thing, do it well, and do it fast. Negative0 offers automatic setup of given services with new VPS deployments. One click setup of WordPress and soon to be other common applications means less time configuring and more time creating.

Managed Hosting

Not tech-savvy? Not sure where to begin, or even worse you do? Let Negative0 ease your load by managing one or more of your critical services. We can craft one or more VPS to perfectly fulfil your needs, and by using Negative0 managed services remove the cost and hassle of downtime and replace it with a 99.999% uptime SLA.

Personal Care

Negative0 provides automated services to fulfil as many needs as we can, but sometimes the personal touch is needed. Negative0 offers a toll free support line and direct e-mail and ticketing systems so when you need the personal touch it is not hard to find.

Negative0, making your life easier!

Our Partner Programs

Partnership Programs

Negative0 started with free website hosting and we want to continue that tradition. If you have an interesting project that could benefit from our services, we invite you to apply for a chance at getting a free VPS package!

Associate Program

Negative0 is growing and expanding. By collecting skilled associates Negative0 is able to provide consistent high quality work in a variety of fields. By connecting good clients with good providers Negative0 hopes to create win-win business ventures for everyone.

Reseller Program

Are you interested in hosting your client's websites but you don't have the infrastructure to do so?

We allow companies and individuals alike to use and resell our server space to their own clients! White label discount or profit sharing available.

Terms of services

Negative0 attempts to satisfy and provide for both the client's interests and its own. You will never be locked in a contract with us and all clients are eligible to a refund of the previous 30 days of hosting fees with some exceptions. If you are unsatisfied in any way with your dealings with Negative0 please contact

Bandwidth Overuse Policy

Bandwidth is assigned per VM unless otherwise specified. If client goes over allotted bandwidth usage of other systems and records for the past 3-6 months will be examined. If overused traffic is found to be abnormal and non-sustaining no fees will be placed. If traffic is found to be regular or increasing additional bandwidth may need to be added, or an overuse bandwidth fee will be agreed upon.

It is our responsibility to provide high speed and reliable network infrastructure. We require our clients to assist in maintaining high network reliability by utilizing network resources responsibly. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Informing Negative0 of any plan to host high risk, or potentially high risk services.
  • Agreeing to participate in DOS and DDOS mitigation and recovery.
  • Not engage in activity that can degrade value of leased IP addresses.

High risk activities and uses expected to have a negative impact on IP integrity include but are not limited to projects that create unsolicited communication or perform anonymization of information. If you have questions about your project regarding potential violations please contact support. If Negatve0 detects an issue relating to violations the client agrees to participate in mitigation of damage (be it downtime, IP changes or an extra network security packages).

CPU Policy

Negative0 leases shared and dedicated CPU cores. CPU types may differ between resource pools and will be marketed as such. Clients may migrate between architectures.

Negative0 will provide top performance hardware and maintain equipment reliability. Clients are expected to participate in assisting us alerting us in the event of long running CPU intensive processes on shared cores. While no fixed number is assigned clients experiencing average load near 50% may be asked to add a second shared CPU, upgrade to a dedicated core, or allow us to investigate optimization options.


All content must be legal to host in Canada. All illegal content will be removed in accordance and as required by Canadian law. If you have any questions about the current or predictable legal standing of your project please contact negative0 sales staff. Negative0 will comply with DMCA requests as an internet provider and will forward any takedown notices to the service operator. Negative0 will defend our client’s rights to the full extent of the law, but we will participate in legal takedown actions as needed.

Any legal action taken against Negative0 must be done in Alberta, Canada under Canadian Federal regulations. Individuals must contact Negative0 before initiating lawsuits, any failure to do so will render our existing business relationship invalid.

Terms of termination

Accounts hosting or servicing sites or content which could potentially harm the integrity of our business and / or the status of our IP's may be terminated at our sole discretion.

Any account found going against the TOS, will be terminated without prior notice. Terminated accounts will retain hosted data as per our Ending our Relationship section. Furthermore any account terminated in such a fashion may be returned to its former status pending a Negative0 investigation.

Disk Use Policy

The servers are designed with high performance local and remote storage. In order to ensure the performance we ask for our client’s assistance in maintaining reasonable disk IO usage. If you have a high IO application and it begins impacting performance for other clients we will ask to investigate and if necessary upgrade to a higher IO node or setup a RAM drive for the high IO files.


The client must own or be licensed to use all uploaded content. Any and all complaints regarding infringement or other legal issue with an IP address in our range will be investigated and the client informed. Our first action will be to contact the client and facilitate communication between the two parties. Negative0 will not share any personal information and will only relay messages.

Ending our Relationship

Either party is able to stop the renewal of the business relationship. In that situation data will be retained for a period of thirty days for customer retrieval. IP addresses may be reassigned after fifteen days. In every possible case Negative0 will attempt to provide a minimum of twenty five days notice before closing an account, but this is not possible in some cases especially where abuse or system security is a factor.


If the client is not 100% satisfied with any aspect of the company or services they are encouraged to contact us so we can attempt to remedy the situation. If we are unable to find a solution the client is satisfied with, the client will be eligible to a complete refund of the past thirty days hosting fees. At this time the client or Negative0 may terminate the account.


We guarantee that the un-managed VPS will be accessible 99.995% of any given month, this calculates to approximately 3.72 hours of possible inaccessibility per month. If a client believes that their system has been inaccessible for longer than that they should contact us for remedy.

Scheduled Downtime cannot exceed 1.5 hours per incident, Negative0 is required to provide the client with 72 hours notice before scheduled downtime can commence.

This document is subject to change. You can opt to receive notifications upon TOS update in your account profile. Customized TOS, SLA, and Privacy Policies are available upon request.