Negative0 Cloud Hosting

Our Unique Support Experience

Small Town Tech Support Feel

Imagine having a technical support team that knows you and understands your mission. That is exactly what you will get with Negative0. Say no to generic and unhelpful support and experience helpful and caring support.

How is Negative0's Support Different?

At Negative0 we thrive in a customer-centric environment where we don't just churn out tickets for our metrics, rather we judge our success on our client's happiness and overall experience. Our support mission is to educate and go above and beyond to make our client's lives easier. We understand that hosting is a small sliver of your business' operations and it is a large part of ours. Therefore, we aim to help as much as possible so you can get back to your day-to-day business.

Our goal is to be available to our clients through numerous channels whether that is a ticket, live chat, email, instant messaging (through Matrix) or one of our social media profiles. We are here to assist our clients however we can and whereever we can.

The culture within the Negative0 work environment encourages continuous learning and self-improvement. As a result we are confident that our team is capable to handle every ticket that comes our way. On top of that our team LOVES Linux and open source software and use both every day. Due to this culture, our team is supportive when you need them, but also as we sit back and smile like a proud parent watching our clients succeed.

Our Core Support Values

Care & Understanding

We believe that the best way to help a client is to understand what they are doing. We will ensure that we know you and your website's (or business') core competencies to ensure that the best possible support is being followed.

  • Courtesy.


Complete transparency in the support process and findings. We will never mislead our clients or put them on a rollercoaster to nowhere. We believe in keeping our clients in the loop with everything related to their account.

  • Smart.

Quality Answers & Fixes

Our support team does not just tell you what needs to be done to fix a problem, but also educates you on why the solution is the best option. Our team does their due diligence to help prevent issues in the future.

  • Solution.

Want to get to know us? Have any questions?

Send us a message or chat with us for more information. If you just want to chat, that is cool too.