Negative0 Cloud Hosting

About Us

Negative0 is on a mission to help non-technical entrepreneurs get faster web hosting.

Our Vision

To bring back the human element of support in the hosting industry.

Our Mission

To support our clients and their cause by providing excellent technical support and hosting services.

Our Goal

To maintain a quality human element of support to our clients.

Our Story

Do you enjoy working face-to-face with customers to grow your business?

In 2002, our CEO Ben Leavitt began a web hosting company. His desire was for mom-and-pop shops and non-profits to spend more time with customers. Entrepreneurs could outsource their technical headaches to Ben as he handled the hosting.

Three years later, Ben added another level of service. He could improve website speeds, security, and scalability by moving the servers from his basement into a data center. To strengthen the customization and technology, Ben partnered with Cedric Le Varlet. Together, the two set out to create a faster web hosting experience.

In 2015, Ben got serious by pivoting and renaming his company to Negative0. This added a level of professional service that clients enjoyed. To enhance the client onboarding experience, two years later Ben partnered with Jordan Sukenik.

On top of customizing your servers to guarantee 15% or faster hosting, Negative0's team offers free server management. This includes free security services like malware removal, website recovery, and SSL certificates.

We recognize that paying for website security is like paying for insurance. No one wants to pay $50-$500 a month in premiums until you need it. So while our competitors charge anywhere from $392-$4,951/year for these services, we offer these services for free. That’s one less technical headache for you to worry about.

Negative0's free server management allows you to invest more time growing your business. How? By reducing the technical headache of running an online business.

We’d love for you to join us to get faster web hosting. Not only as a client but as a friend.

Then in 2019, Ben made a bold move. We planted Negative0's flag as the fastest web hosting startup for non-technical entrepreneurs. To back up this claim, we guarantee you will get at least 15% faster web hosting switching to Negative0. We do this by learning about your website needs, then customizing the servers to fit. If you don’t know your needs, Negative0's team guides you through the process.

Quality Personal Tech Support

No more robotic support. We pride ourselves on our small-town neighbour-like support.

Reliable Hosting

With our up to 99.99% server uptime guarantee, you can rest easy knowing your website is in good hands.

Room For Growth

We want to see our clients succeed. Therefore, we ensure clients have the resources needed for growth.

Leadership Team

Put a face to a name and meet your new tech team. Here are the folk behind Negative0.

Benjamin Leavitt


Jordan Sukenik


Cedric LeVarlet


So what do you say?

Start your journey with us today. Or, if you are not quite convinced yet, contact us for a free trial.